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How Mekra Lang optimizes its production through active alignment.

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Active Alignment of ADAS cameras

TRIOPTICS brings the complex driver assistance systems of the automotive industry to the road. Excellent imaging, optics and camera technology play a crucial role. ADAS camera applications such as front cameras, surround view cameras or night vision cameras are among the most common products that experience an increase in performance with our help by optimising lens and sensor alignment.

We support manufacturers and suppliers in ensuring the quality, reliability and sustainability of their optical sensor systems. Our active optical alignment and assembly solutions enable the mass production of optoelectronic systems. Read the success story of a mirror replacement application for MEKRA Lang and learn how active alignment is a gamer-changer.

Product Overview

The ProCam® Align Smart is a premium solution for optimizing the optical performance of camera modules through active alignment.

Proven active alignment technology with ProCam® Align Smart

  • Active alignment with sub-micron/sub-arc min resolution
  • Five or six alignment axes
  • Suitable for wide-angle optics with a field of view (FOV) up to 170°1)
  • Alignment of sensor to the camera optics and vice versa
  • The components are focused in a single alignment step, centered, tilt-adjusted and rotated with respect to each other
  • For stereo or triple cameras as well as for LiDAR systems

ProCam® Software for the fully-automated active alignment process

  • High precision image analysis algorithms: all relevant parameters for the accurate alignment process (such as the MTF at multiple field positions and the tilt of the image plane) are automatically analyzed in real-time and used in the alignment process
  • With the integrated scripting tool, the measurement and alignment process can easily be tailored to specific customer needs and products
  • The measurement data can be saved in a database so that the process is completely traceable
  • Configuration files for different types of camera modules for fast product change over


TRIOPTICS - a member of the Jenoptik photonics group - is an international company, specialized in optical metrology and production technology. It’s expertise ranges from the testing of individual optical components to the assembly and testing of complex optoelectronic systems. TRIOPTICS products are used in all sectors that deal with the production, inspection, and application of optical assemblies.

30 years of expertise in optical measurement and manufacturing technology

Specially selected global project teams with many years of eperience

Installation and service worldwide

Short development cycles - all relevant divisions "inhouse"

Complete solution from one source

Scalable metrology across the entire optical value chain